the team

a bunch of noise maker

Antoine Babary
Audio Director

With dual master’s degrees in cinema and computer science, Antoine is a multi-disciplinary Sound Engineer who has been developing audio for indie game to AAA on console, PC and VR platforms.

He likes collaborating with other people and is now acting as an Audio Director or a Lead Audio.

Works includes projects for 2K, Square Enix, Capcom or Disney and awards such as two Venice Grand Jury VR prize for “The Hangman At Home” and for “Le Bal de Paris”

Jean-Charles Lambert

Serial entrepreneur in the audiovisual and video game industries, Jean Charles founded the Parisian marketing and communication studio, TAPE, in 2011.

The idea for Arcades Studio was conceived in 2015 and realized in 2017.

His ambition is to establish studios with innovative organizational structures that enable new types of collaborations.

Nicolas Bredin
Composer - Senior Sound Designer

Graduated in Musicology and trained by renowned composer, Nicolas explored throughout his academic research the infinite ways of expression offered by Sound & Music.

Senior Sound Designer and co-founder of Parallel Studio, he has been working in the computer games industry for more than 14 years especially as Audio Technical Director (Ubisoft) and Audio Lead (DontNod Entertainment)

Bourdeaux Lou Angel
Senior Sound Designer

Graduated from video games school ISART, Paris) Lou worked as a musician and sound designer for film, video games and trailer for over 6 years.

His specialty is to amplify emotion, making it stronger, denser, more intense. His weapons: incredible musical remixes and an extraordinary sense of audio storytelling

Edouard Bourgeat
Sound Designer

Dual bachelored in Audio Engineering. And Music & Sound design. Edouard loves to mess up your brain with psychoacoustic.

But don’t worry as long as you have coffee, he is friendly. Kind of ...

nicolas rozlonkowski
Technical Audio

Graduated in Music & Sound Design, he has started a journey to get the knowledge to apprehend the industry.

After succeeding in crashing all the game engines… After being through documentation and obscure YouTube tutorials… Nicolas is now ready to understand your project.

And he WILL find a way to fix your game.

Gaunard Clement
Sound Designer

With a bachelor's degree in music and sound design Clement finished his studies by winning a Pegase for the Best Student Video Game 2022 with Lysfangha.
Everything that surrounds him is a good way to make sound and foley.

He likes details and his key specialty is to bring useless things to life. As he would say : "Useless and therefore indispensable"

Manels FavreC

Classically-trained French/Swiss/Belgian composer and Sound Designer with a Master degree in Cineam and new Media from La Sorbonne Paris.

Over his 25 year long career, he has scored hundreds of projects, including theatrical films and animation series.

He is the CEO and founder of Roar Media, a sound studio based in Shanghai China..

Bucher Vincent
Cutscene Designer

When it comes to linear audio Vincent is the man.

From movies to video games cutscene, from trailers to podcast, he will just make it sounds.

Even your footsteps character will sound brighter and with a better synch with him.

Achille Murat
Sound Designer

From video game sound design to France Inter's podcasts, Achille experienced multiple ways to create sound.

His strength? His multidisciplinarity. From creation to technique, nothing scares him, making him a particularly effective one-man army, capable of completing even the most perilous projects.