Lovely Stellar Soundtrack Makers

interactive Audio Studio

"It sounded like reality. but way better."

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Collectively noisy people

We are a team of music producers, creative sound designers, and audio programmers, all dedicated to delivering the perfect soundtrack for your creation and beyond.
We thrive on challenges and new concepts, and we share our passion with everyone we collaborate with.

At Arcades we love all kind of of interactive projects.
Video game, VR, AR, XR, immersive adventures, live performances and so on.

Our main studio is in Paris but some of us are working from other locations like Shanghai, Bordeaux, Strasbourg etc.

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care in every details

Shape your soundtrack

We make your productions sounds amazing !

sound integration

By working hand in hand with your team, we will implement everything inside your game


voice record

We can help on everything from casting to final export

FIELD RECORDING & Sound Creation

We just love to spend hours with our mics and synth to create crazy sweet and sour sounding things.

Music Composition

Your most beautiful music crafted with heart and skill.


It’s not just about creating incredible sounds, but also about how people will interact with them.